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IUV Series


  • Material
    316 / 316L Stainless Steel, Brass
  • Size
    1/8″ ~ 3/4″
  • Max. Operating Pressure
    6,000psig @ 38°C
  • Operating Temperature
    -54°C ~ 232°C
  • Others
    Seat (PTFE, PEEK, Grafoli)
    Stem (Regulating, Vee)
    Handle (Stainless Steel Bar, Knob)


  • Union Bonnet Design
  • panel Mountable
  • Body Type
    Straight pattern and Angle pattern
  • Variety of Stem Typas
    Regulating tip.(Standard), and Vee(Optional)
  • Variety of End Connections
    Iy-lok Tube Fittings, Male & Female NPT threads, Male & Female PTBS threads, and Socket Weld ends.

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